Waterfield Vs. Knomo--15" uMBP

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by puma1552, Jun 16, 2010.

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    After over 1.5 years of owning my laptop, I finally found a couple bags I like--the Knomo Saxby (in brown) or the Waterfield Racer-X (in red). It's between these two bags and no others--god knows I've spent the last 1.5 years looking at everything on the market.

    My purpose: Mainly need a bag to take to work everyday, or the occasional flight. Don't really carry my MBP around otherwise, but it would be nice to have something stylish that could go with anything just in case.

    Waterfield Racer-X:



    --Professional looking
    --Nice handle
    --Hardshell laptop protection/good padding
    --Zippers which will help keep rain out
    --Lots of pockets
    --Stands up on its own


    --A bit stale looking
    --Not gonna go well for anything outside of a professional setting
    --Doesn't appear to have much room for plain old folders and papers
    --Ugly gold liner (non-customizable, I asked)
    --A bit bulky

    Knomo Saxby Slim (have to choose yellow to see inside):



    --Nice and professional for work but also works with jeans and a T-shirt
    --Lots of pockets
    --Lots of room for papers/files/folders


    --Less laptop protection
    --More likely to get rain inside
    --Doesn't stand up on its own
    --Have to be a lot more careful
    --Useless handle

    Both bags run about $200-$225 with shipping. Which would you choose and why? In reality both bags could work--for the last 1.5 years I've been carrying my laptop separate from my workbag in just a sleeve so either will be a step up from what I'm doing.

    Opinions welcome, I will buy one of these two bags.
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