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Jun 21, 2011
I'm looking for an app to batch watermark images. I have a couple free ones but they are not perfect. And I can't stand the ads

Others are subscription , I don't want that.. others doesn't say how much they are which I find really annoying

I'm leaning towards Ezy Watermark Pro... does anyone use? or is there something better ?


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Aug 19, 2020
I use Apple ShortCuts for this. E.g. here is a video explaining how this works and in the description are 2 ShortCuts to watermark images with either using another image or with text.

nota bene: if you only need to watermark a single image at the time, you can use the Mark Up-feature and add a “signature” (a “signature” doesn’t has to be written by you, you can just take a photograph of a logo with text and add it as such. Make sure to use a single colored background (e.g. white 🤓), because it will automatically set to transparent.)
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