Waterproof bags?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by marty1990, Jul 23, 2012.

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    Dunno if I've already made a thread asking this. Either way, I still don't have one.

    So I've just literally ordered a Belkin folio case for my iPad, and am now looking at bags since I'm going to be taking my iPad to and from university, and since I use public transport, a bag that's waterproof would be nice to have. So far, I've only seen the clear waterproof bags such as;


    I don't particularly want one like that, and after looking online I see some bags are 'water resistant'. Would these be enough to withstand a heavy downpour of rain?

    I've also been considering purchasing a sleeve that's water resistant, in which I can place my iPad that will already be in the Belkin cover. I can then put all that in a messenger bag, but dunno if that would be protected enough from the elements? I've seen this sleeve;


    Anyone got any ideas what I can use/what you use? I doubt I'd need to take my power adapter and stuff to uni, it would most likely just be my iPad and stylus.

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    Mar 30, 2011
    wouldn't it make more sense to get a messenger bag to withstand the elements? besides, i would think any messenger bag will be fine to protect your iPad...it's not like you're planning to dunk the whole bag in water.
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    Tucano Sleeve and Timbuk2 bags are water resistant. I have a Tucano sleeve for my MacBook Pro. The Second Skin sleeve is nice to the touch. I poured water on it and it beaded off. Also, one time I had this back mark on the outside of the sleeve. In a few days it was gone. Another time I had a huge bend in the sleeve.. a few days later it was gone. Basically these sleeves are very durable. I like that the sleeve has a cover between the zipper so that you don't scratch it when closing.


    water test

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    How much are you really in water? Over thinking a bit,IMO...get a messenger...that's what they are made for...

    Or are you planning on computing on the deck of "the deadliest catch?"
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    Nov 25, 2011
    lol, well am thinking more in case of heavy downpours. England get's them a lot, so keeping my stuff dry would be good. I've used rucksacks and messenger bags in the past and the rain has gotten in.
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    Go to Cabela's Bass Pro, Academy Sports, REI, or any online outdoor store and you will find hundreds of bags. Many of these are designed specifically for a tablet and will keep it dry, period. Another quick, cheap and easy solution is to keep a couple of gallon size ziploc style baggies in whatever bag you're carrying. These take up little space and can be used for a tablet, wallets, keys and even documents in a bind.
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    Oops just saw that the thread is a year old. Newbies messed me up.

    If you are really scared of water get a lifeproof case for it.
    In the meantime a ziplock bag can help.
    There are messenger bags and bookbags that are water-resistant also.
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    I need some help choosing my Dry Bag too?

    Hello! :confused:
    My name is Sheela and I got into this Forum to find out which is the best option to buy a waterproof bag so I could go for some outdoor activities, the bag needs to be capable of keeping my personal belongings dry!
    Could you guys help me out on this search?
    I need a bag pack that I could adapt to my bicycle, the size should be medium, and about the price???? Well...., you know, the cheaper the better! Don't forget to keep in mind quality, sometimes the cheapest option makes you purchase twice!
    Ok, Thanks to all for any possible help!:)
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    Waterproof Case with IPX8 Certificate for iPad 4, 3, 2 plus 1 Stylus Pen and 1 ECO-FUSED® Microfiber Cleaning Cloth (Black)

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