Waves boycott looming

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by FFTT, Jan 6, 2006.

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    There is a growing call among audio professionals to boycott Waves
    for unfair business practices.


    Unlike most applications where the user may eventually want to upgrade,
    The user is forced to upgrade or their license expires disabling the application.

    The most recent WUP upgrade is reportedly $400.00

    Many of these audio professionals invested $2000-$2800+ for Waves products and the associated plug-ins unaware that they were essentially buying into a time limited lease of their software license.

    At least that's my take on the story.

    If the user has hardware trouble requiring a re-install of their hard drive,
    the license expires and Waves will not permit re-authorization unless the licensed user pays for the WUP update, essentially holding the user hostage.

    To make matters worse Waves is Pace iLok protected.

    This practice is a blatant, arrogant and insulting abuse of software licensing.

    I agree that a boycott is warranted.
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    they say.

    Audio plugins are cheaper then buying the hardware.
    but having to pay for all these updates on everything,
    its just cheap to buy hardware stuff agian

    im thinking id rather invest in real gear now which will last a life
    time then buy plugins which, if your lucky, last a year.

    if i buy a product i should be able to use it how i like, and when i like.
    i should be able to bring it where ever i go, to my studio or my friends studio... just like you would with a real EQ or compressor.

    just cuz its software these people think they can rule over us like gods.

    Im already stuck in the ProTools world of never ending updates that you have to pay for. i think ill pass on buying into the never ending wave of leases from waves.

    when i buy something.. i want to pay for it up front and thats it...
    could you imagin if you bought a hardware EQ installed it into your studio then one year later it stoped working with a note on the display.. please insert your Visa in rear slot for another years use.

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    Apr 17, 2004
    A Stoned Throw From Ground Zero

    If you look at most serious studios, they use mostly analog gear for pre's
    FX, EQ and such leaving the DAW mostly for tacking, dubbing. editing and mixdown.
    The quality of the sounds they are editing comes from analog.

    While there are some great plugins,

    There's nothing like the real thing baby

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