Way Around Activation Lock?

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    First, a bit of back story: A couple of years ago I bought a new iPhone 5 from Apple, which I still use to this day. I then handed my iPhone 4S down to my mother, a phone I also bought new from Apple, thus meaning I still have all the original documents and receipts etc for both iPhones.

    The actual problem: Since iOS7 Apple has used Activation lock on all of their iPhones, which is great at helping prevent theft. However, my mother cannot remember her original Apple ID password. We have gone through all the reset questions, put in all the (what we assume) correct information etc and nothing will allow us to reset the password. It even claims her DOB is incorrect, we were both there when the Apple ID was originally set up and knew at the time it was correct. This has left her with several problems, the main ones being not allowing her to upgrade to iOS8 and not allowing third party apps to update to newer versions. It will not allow us to wipe the iPhone and start over again.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, if you require any more information I may have missed out just say.

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    Speak directly to Apple, that would be the only way.
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    You cannot go around the activation lock.
    Only Apple could help you with the proper documentation and ID maybe.
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    Contact Apple with Proof of purchase, box or anything you have about this iPhone.

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