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    I'll start by copying a post I made on another forum over 2 years ago.

    This is what happens when the woman driving in the right lane just ahead of you decides to try and make a u-turn with out looking for traffic. This happened Saturday afternoon. The cops wouldn't come because there were no injuries, so she didn't get a ticket for failure to yield, improper lane change or anything else, so it is up to the insurance companies to find fault. Within 20 minutes of the accident she calls my insurance, Progressive, and claims I rear ended her and tries to make a claim. I talk to the claims rep and tell him what happens and send him pictures of the damage to show him I did not rear end her. All of this took place before Sunday night. I had yet to get a hold of her insurance company, Rio National, because they are only open Monday through Friday, like 8-7. So I finally call and get a hold of someone to make a claim Monday morning and they said a claims rep would call me within 72 hours. So my Progressive claim has moved from a guy that specializes in rear end accidents to one that specializes in this type and I have talked to both, they have talked to her and are trying to get the ball rolling and I still have a couple days to here anything from her insurance. Then this afternoon her insurance company calls me and says they are denying the claim since she wasn't insured at the time of the accident. She's basically one of the worthless f*&$ing drivers that will pay for their first month, get the insurance card that shows 6 months and just let is lapse. So now I have to make a claim on my insurance, since I can't afford to fix it out of pocket and be out my deductible. I am beyond pissed at this point. I will get a little satisfaction when I mail all of the paperwork to the state claiming she was in an accident without insurance and they revoke her license for up to a year. You can clearly see that I rear ended her.

    This is the second wreck caused by a woman that I have been in, that the cops didn't come, and the woman didn't have insurance and had kids in her car.





    There is finally closure to this story 2 years after it happened. My wife was served last year as she was proceeding to sue me. It finally went to trial a couple days ago and concluded yesterday. I told my insurance company I did not want them to settle this with her and they didn't. She was still claiming she was rear ended, and that she was stopped when I hit her. She was claiming over $5000 in lost income, even though her car was drivable she decided to sell it, $2500 for the truck, and $2500 for pain and suffering for her son that was improperly restrained. Up until last week she would settle for $4500. She even called my insurance and asked how much money we were offering because she hadn't heard from her lawyer. Her lawyer last Friday tried to withdrawal and she died to stop it, and ultimately he did stay on as her counsel. Monday before the trial she said she'd settle for $1500, my lawyer said he had to offer something and offered $750 which she didn't take. So to trial we went. She made herself look bad and had a 3rd story this time. The police report, the deposition and on the stand. It was crazy. I went on the stand yesterday morning and after closing arguments the jury went to deliberate at about lunch. They came back shortly and not only did she loose the 3 cases she had against me, but I won my counter claim and have a judgement against her for about $4000. But i have to hand it to Progressive Insurance, that would stand behind me and rather pay $10000 for the lawyer than give her $1500. It's nice for them to stand up if for nothing more than principle.

    So here's where i spent the past couple days.

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    Get a dashcam, they're apparently only a couple of dollars. We had bad traffic last week on the highway, stop-and-go pretty much, and someone just hit reverse and backed into a car and got out trying to claim that the other person rear-ended him. The guy in the back had a dashcam though and caught it all on tape and the other guy is allegedly facing charges.

    Some people are just batsh*t crazy on the roads.
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    Good to hear!
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    How did she expect to win? I mean unless she was stopped side ways on the road, there is no way you would have hit her on the left rear quarter panel..... That's why you try to get photo's at the site of impact anyway. Prove the location of the accident.

    Anyway, glad the truth came out.
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    This is actually a pretty good idea!

    Glad to see it all worked out in the end!
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    Nice, glad to see justice was served.

    When I was with AAA, I rear ended somebody (and I won't lie, it was my fault). The person I hit was uninsured, claimed no injuries at the scene of the accident and refused all medical treatment. Her only concern was finding someone with a light for a cigarette. Lo and behold, 2 years later, I get served papers, she was suing me for $100,000 after visiting a chiropractor. Big shocker there. The even more ridiculous thing is that she sued my parents for $100,000 too for letting me drive even though they knew that I was a dangerous driver! (1 speeding ticket means dangerous driver apparently). I was 22 at the time, college grad, full time job, driving a car I purchased with my own money.

    AAA hired me a lawyer, and things went back and forth a couple months and they eventually settled for around $10,000, I guess it was cheaper than letting a case drag out. I was pissed, since she was faking those injuries, I didn't think she deserved a dime. But, she probably didn't get a dime of it anyways - between the accident and the settlement, she was arrested for DUI twice. So between her lawyer fees for my lawsuit and fees for making the DUIs go away, she was probably left with nothing. And the even more frivolous suit against my parents? Dropped.

    I'm with Progressive now, so glad to see they might stick to their guns more. My only claim with Progressive has been a cracked windshield, and they were great to work with, especially considering that it was on a loaner car from a dealer that I was driving at the time and the dealer insisted on factory glass for $1,500 (compared to aftermarket which is about $400). Hopefully that remains my only claim.

    Some people are just greedy. I was rear ended once, I never even thought about making up some injuries and suing. I was just glad to get my car fixed.
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    She did claim she was stopped in the road and that I rear ended her. She kept saying "rear ended" like she had been told over and over if you're rear ended it's always the others fault. In the deposition he said she was turning into a quick lube place to drive through to get to Long John Silver's. At the trial she said she was going to get a price on an oil change. What I think really hurt her, was that she claimed she turned right on red and then merged into the left lane and was stopped waiting for traffic to clear to complete the turn. But why turn right on red to then turn across traffic when she could have driven through the light and made a right into either the quick lube or Long John Silver's without crossing traffic? It just didn't make sense. The 3 photos at the top that I was smart enough to take after we moved our cars off the street were actually used as evidence. Put on a big projector on the side of the wall, so I though that was pretty cool. I am also easily amused, and as a former debater in high school and having done mock trial, I wanted to be a lawyer until life happened and daughter was born my senior year of high school, but the judge let me sit up in his chair and take some pictures. i know a lot of people would be like so what, but I thought it was neat, I guess some of the judges are really *******s. In the end, her story just didn't add up. And it changed a couple times, she had to be reprimanded by the judge a couple times because she was interrupting my lawyer during cross examination and really having an attitude. She's just trash and the unfortunate this is her kids never have a chance. 3 kids by 3 dads, 2 of which are incarcerated, former prostitute, drug addict, drug dealer, she's a real winner.

    I'm just glad it's over.


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