Way to transfer between a Lion and Snow Leopard machine

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Lion (10.7)' started by tigress666, Jul 28, 2011.

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    I'll ask the question first cause I can be wordy. Can you transfer files from a snow leopard machine wirelessly (not using mobileme) to a Lion machine? I've figured out how to do it with Snow Leopard to Snow Leopard. Or I suppose even with wires would be ok but I'd rather not (I have firewire, USB, and ethernet ports on both machines but I don't think I have the right cables for firewire or ethernet). They're both running on the same wifi network (which is how I was doing it between the two now, but I want to know if that will still work when my macbook has Lion on it and my MBP doesn't).

    And for those that want the backstory (as I said, I can be wordy).

    Alright, so I've already proven it's a good thing I used my old, "backup" macbook to try out Lion as Lion promptly fubarred my hard drive (I'm sure it was that cause it was working fine until I told it to install and all the sudden there was an issue with my hard drive. First aid on snow leopard echoed it and could not fix it but a erase of the hard drive seemed to make first aid say the hard drive was then fine).

    So now I don't have anything on my old laptop and I'd like to get my stuff back on it (which is on my current laptop and the time machine that is keyed to this computer, for some reason I ended up doing something that made it so this computer would not use the time machine from last computer so it's seperate, so not sure how well it would work to try to get stuff off of it).

    I'd like to go ahead and install Lion on the old macbook now that I've erased the hard drive and reinstalled Snow Leopard (I guess I'm doing a clean install, well kinda).

    I've figured out how to do it now that they are both on snow leopard but transferring files is taking a while (my large music collection).

    The impatient side of me wants to install lion and deal with getting old files on it later (I don't really need the old macbook at the moment, I only want to keep the essentials on it so if I have to use it as a backup, it has at least the basic stuff I like having on it). And I don't want to install Lion on this computer yet (biggest reason I want Lion though is to take advantage of iCloud and keep my macbooks and iphone synched) as my backup drive is full and I don't have a new one yet and especially after this experience, I'm not updating it until I have a way of backing it up (right now I still have a pretty recent backup but before I update it, I want a backup from that day at least). Plus I want to wait on this one til the bugs are worked out (I don't really need it 'til iCloud and I want it on my old one just so I can play around with it).
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    You can easily transfer files between any two machines running on wifi over your local network. It doesn't matter much if it's Lion, Snow Leopard, Linux or Windows, file sharing is common to all. You just need to enable file sharing on each computer and make sure a firewall isn't preventing access from within your local network.

    With Macs running recentish system software just enable file sharing and you should see shared stuff in the sidebars of Finder windows. And you don't need to even move the music; just enable Home Sharing in iTunes on the machine with the music and itunes on the other machine should be able to find it and play from it.

    And I do believe you can migrate files using migration ass't over a network, but I would recommend firewire or usb instead, as they are more reliable and faster.

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    Thanks. Part of the problem with wired is I don't have the wires.

    And I want the files physically on this computer (which I'm now using cause I decided to go ahead and put Lion on) in case the other computer is down for whatever reason so I wouldn't have the other computer to connect to for playing music on those times (it's why I call it the backup computer ;) ). Any time I'd have the other computer around I wouldn't need the music on this one (it serves as the living room computer or the play videos from the net on the tv) otherwise when it's not being used as a backup computer.

    And now it's being used as my test computer for Lion :). Though I can't take advantage of gestures on Lion as this has the older style trackpad (one reason I wanted the newer MBP was I really wanted the full trackpad).

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