WD Backup program, creating tons of Volumes folders

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    My harddrive is full, and I've figured out through Grand Perspective that almost half of it is comprised of 30 folders inside of my Volumes Folder. It appears as though WD Backup has been creating backup folders in the Volumes folder in addition to/while backup up to the external drive. Either it does both at the same time, or these folders were created when WD Backup automatically ran, and my external drive was disconnected. Either way, I want to get rid of these 30 folders and their content. I read about using Terminal to remove them, but do I really need to type in that remove command 30 times to remove the folders, or can I just drag them into the trash and delete them? And, is it likely that simply turning off the auto backup feature in WD Backup will stop this from occurring again? What a stupid program!

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    You can just open a Terminal window and type

    sudo rm -rf

    then drag the offending folders into the window. That should take care of all of them.

    Warning: This is one of the most dangerous commands in UNIX as it will delete an entire drive without further confirmation. Therefore, be sure that you select only the offending folders. Your hard drives are referenced here as well, so be sure to leave them intact.

    Once that's done, I suggest ditching WD's backup program in favour of Time Machine.

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