WD Drive Manager Menubar Removal (or icon change)

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by ehmjay, Jan 30, 2009.

  1. ehmjay macrumors member

    Apr 26, 2006
    Does anyone know how to remove that god awful WD drive manager icon from my menubar (or at the very least give it a facelift so it at least matches the freakin leopard menubar... ie not in colour)

    That'd be amazing!!
  2. Achiever macrumors 6502


    Jan 23, 2008
    You can probably remove it in the preferences. Try right clicking or command clicking on the icon in the menubar. It should give some sort of drop box with options. One of them might be to remove it from the menubar. If not, one will almost certainly be preferences. Choose that one and look through the Preference options. You should see one there.
  3. Whiteman007 macrumors member

    Dec 21, 2008
    Yea i have this issue too can't figure out how to remove it.
  4. cuestakid macrumors 68000

    Jun 14, 2006
    San Fran
    While I do not know if you can completely remove it, you can disable it from startup-that is how I did it-simply go to your start items in your account's preference pane, you will see all of your start-up items; simply remove it from the list and the next time you log-in it should be gone
  5. Poisednoise macrumors regular


    Mar 13, 2009
    London UK
    Ok I got one of these drives the other day, and I've managed to "prettify" the icon. It didn't appear in my startup items, so that wasn't going to work...

    In your startup drive, go to Library/Application Support/Western Digital/WDDriveManager

    Right/Control-click on WDDriveManagerStatusMenu, and select "Show Package Contents"

    In the new window that opens, navigate down to Contents/Resources.

    Open both WDLogoBlue1.tiff and WDlogoBlue2.tiff in Graphic Converter or some equivalent.

    Convert them to 256 Grayscale, then add Alpha Channel, and erase the nasty black bit that's appeared on the left-hand side. Save these files with the same file-name as before somewhere like the desktop. Beware that Graphic Converter will try to lop one of the "f"s off the end of the name for you. The program should at this point tell you that you can't save a 256 grayscale image with an alpha channel, and hopefully will give you the option to save as a colour icon instead. Agree to this proposal.

    Now drag the two files from the desktop back into the folder where the originals are. You'll be told you can't do that - click "Authenticate", and type in your admin password.



    If you don't want the menubar icon at all, you could always try just deleting the icon files altogether and see what happens. I didn't try this. If it all goes pear-shaped, you can just reinstall. :)
  6. Rinsewind macrumors newbie

    Mar 25, 2009
    This is great :) Thanks for the how-to
  7. ellieg macrumors newbie

    Jul 12, 2009
    Run the Installer again

    You can always run the WD Drive Manager Installer and click REMOVE to uninstall the software. The icon will disappear immediately. Of course, next time you shut down/start up the computer you should monitor the behaviour of the WD drive. The software is meant to include drivers for the drive to power on/off with your computer and control of the light meter thingy on the front of the drive. If you decide you need the drivers then reinstall and follow one of the other solutions above.

    Although I agree it would be nice if there was a simple preference where you could just turn off the menubar icon. Maybe do it manually in a preference file somewhere?
  8. ellieg macrumors newbie

    Jul 12, 2009
    You can edit /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.wdc.drivemanagerservice.plist and change the RunAtLoad setting to NO - but this may disable the software in the same way as if you had removed it by uninstalling.
  9. JWFerne macrumors regular

    Sep 1, 2006
    I installed the software, used it to change the raid format and then uninstalled the software. Everything is running normal on my drive from what I noticed.

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