WD Elements External Hardrive not working on Mac

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    I have a major issue with my external 1TB WD Elements hardrive that won't come up on my desktop. The hardrive does light up and gets picked up in disk utility, however it's showing there is nothing on it also. I'm worried that the actual hardrive is damaged somehow and I've lost everything, but I never dropped it. I've tried on another mac and even smart tv, nothing. What are my options?

    Thank you.
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    Open Terminal and type:
    diskutil list

    Report what comes up.

    To mount manually (assuming this is a HFS+ Mac formatted disk):
    Type "mkdir /Volumes/MyDisk" and replace "MyDisk" with the name of the drive that will not mount. Press the "Return" key.

    Type "sudo mount -t hfs -o rdonly /dev/disk0s1 /Volumes/MyDisk" into the window. Replace "disk0" with the drive name, replace "s1" with the device number and replace "MyDisk" with the device name. Press "Return."

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