we all know what a mac junkie is


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Jul 9, 2000
...but what peripherals have you owned?

...what third party software have you bought?

...and what seminars or computer classes have you taken?


2 epson color printers
lexmark color printer
hp color printer
microtek scanner
epson scanner
zip 100
cheap 30 dollar digital camera by arcsoft

third party software:

macromedia freehand
adobe photoshop
adobe pagemaker
adobe illustrator
a couple of solitaire games
microsoft flight simulator (for pc)
and ms windows 2000 and front page
...so that's no so addictive ;)

computer classes taken:

intro to mac
intro to pc
windows 98
ms excel
ms word
ms photodraw
ms frontpage
graphic design pre-press for macs
windows 2000 client os for technicians
windows NT 4.0 client os for technicians
repairing PC home machines
intro to networking for cisco and microsoft
cisco routers
ms visual basic


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Jul 9, 2000
gwuMACaddict said:
peripherals.... various usb hubs, speakers, cameras, iPods

software... basic stuff, photoshop, maya, etc

classes... fortran, matlab
wow, what is maya like?

how much is it?

can i run it on a dual 500 g4 powermac?


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Apr 21, 2003
washington dc
honestly, i don't actually *use* maya for anything other than goofing around... a friend of mine gave me his copy of it when he upgraded to something else... (can't think of the name of it...)

it would run fine on your computer i'm sure...

i always made funny looking landscapes and screwed around with pictures with it, i suppose it could be useful for something though... i just don't know what :confused: :D
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