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Discussion in 'Console Games' started by JackAxe, Apr 6, 2008.

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    Where the h*ll is this game? Wasn't it released in Japan 37 years ago?

    Anyways, I'm patiently waiting, but I'm a bit let down buy the videos of the controls. I noticed that the player times their swing to an on screen gauge, instead of using a system similar to Wii Sport's Golf, which works great!

    The only good thing, is that instead of simply pressing a button at the right time, like other simpleton console controllers, it at least uses the accelerometer and rotation of the Wiimote to determine how the ball will fly.

    I'm in a grumbly mood as usual, so this game is bothering me as of right now, because I'M NOT PLAYING IT!!! :mad: This is my only hope for a good Golf Game this year. I had hopes in Tiger Woods originally, because of Madden, but EA's current Tiger Wood's team is nothing but a lazy bunch of TARDS. They really don't care to make a good game.

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    Has Nintendo released/announced a Mario Golf game for the Wii yet? Seems like they could take the foundation of Wii Sports Golf and build from there to make a new game fairly inexpensively. Most people seem to like the controls in Golf, and by just making more courses, adding the character models, maybe offering an advanced control mode with more options, and improving the quality of the textures and whatnot to make it look a bit more polished they could have a good game on their hands.

    Lots of work still, but still much less than creating a whole new game... Just a thought, but it would be cool to see them do a golf game based on Wii Sports as a WiiWare title. Basically just offer new courses and new goals/play modes (career tracking and stuff like that) as cheap downloads. It'd be kind of neat to play real courses with the very surreal Mii caricatures. I think most people would pay $4 or 5 or so for an 18 hole course, especially if they made it WiiConnect24 enabled so there could be online tournaments and stat tracking (sort of a basic career mode).

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