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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by thabronx31, Jun 12, 2008.

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    Found this while Browsing: You have to go to the site to view the pics.. It's worth it:D


    Is this proof that Apple is allowing Flash on the iPhone 2.0 OS firmware?
    Posted by Will on Thursday, June 12th, 2008 at 12:12 pm under Rumors, Mac OS, iPhone, Apple

    The best kinds of rumors come straight from the hardware source. The latest Adobe Flash rumor to hit the iPhone-scene is actually based on images shown on Apple's own iPhone 3G webpage. It seems that a depiction of the website Lonely Planet on an iPhone 3G shows Flash-enabled content flawlessly rendered on the screen.

    There's a key Flash-component on the Lonely Planet website that's hard to overlook - the interactive, two-toned world-map. The full-fledged version of the map makes use of Flash and offers cursor-activated animations. When viewed on a non-Flash capable browser, however, the map reverts to a non-Flash, single-color version.

    Visiting the website's homepage on your iPhone's Safari browser running v1.1.4 firmware (as well as previous firmware versions) results in the following page-render:

    Visiting the site with the Flash-capable Mac OS X 10.5.4 Safari browser results in a world-map page-render that looks like this:

    Notice the two-tone map in the second picture. The dual-colored map also allowing for interactive animations triggered by cursor hovering. The first map uses just a single shade of blue, indicating the Flash is not in play. The second map shows that Flash is definitely enabled (which makes sense).

    Now, check out this image from Apple's iPhone 3G page:

    Notice the fully-rendered homepage with the Flash-enabled world-map in plain view.

    What gives? Did the iPhone 3G artist simply slip-up or get lazy? Is this a case of the graphics artist simply resizing the full Lonely Planet homepage and depicting it on the iPhone 3G screen? Or is Apple seriously working with Adobe, on the down-low, to bring full Flash functionality to the iPhone's next firmware revision?

    We have no idea, but it sure is nice to think that iPhone 2.0 OS will bring with it Flash capability. Thoughts?

    [Via: iPhoneAtlas]

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    I just loaded Lonelyplanet.com on my iphone to see, and if you look the picture of the map is in the upper left hand corner of the web page, exactly how it appears on the intomobile.com web site.

    look at the web site from your iphone and you will see

    *my bad, I did not see the the whole artical at first... I opened my mouth to soon* I see where the difference is with the maps now
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    why dont people do that BEFORE they speculate and start guessing about features.. its really annoying and does NOT take a lot of research to figure out.
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    It's actually not the same, but as mentioned before, you can't judge anything by a mock-up as the screen images are likely simulated.

    EDIT: Ooops, you corrected before I noticed and now I have to correct too! Argh!
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    I can tell you right now, there won't be Flash support anytime in the near future.

    Not to sound all mysterious, just trust me on this one.
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    The iphone pics are rendered, not actual photographs so this article means nothing.

    They didn't set the 3G iphone up and take pics of it for the website.
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    I'm not counting on Flash being part of the 3G iPhone! Maybe in v3 and beyond. :cool:
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    It's no different than when the first iPhone was advertised with the NY Times on it, and the Flash video section was displayed as a static photo, leading many people to assume the same as you are now.

    It also reminds me of the sly way Jobs avoided showing how limited the browser was.

    When he first demonstrated it, he opened his Favorites and of course Apple Inc was included. So he almost clicks it, but then says "Oh we all know what that one looks like", and he went somewhere else instead.

    Of course, he knew full well at the time that the Apple website would not have rendered very well, if at all, on the iPhone... at least not until it was totally revamped in time for sales launch months later.

    Jobs is a master of the dog and pony show, that's for sure.

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