Weary to buy another iPod shuffle

Discussion in 'iPod' started by MUCKYFINGERS, Jul 31, 2008.

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    Hi all,

    My girlfriend bought me an 2g ipod shuffle last year for valentines' day and just over a year after owning it, my mac no longer recognizes it when it is plugged into the machine. I even bought a new ipod dock to hook up my shuffle to my mac, and sure enough, it does not recognize it. The battery is also dead, and I figured it would be too much trouble to buy a new battery when I could get a new iPod. I tried resetting it, but it just does not work.

    So my girlfriend loans me her old 1g ipod shuffle, purchased 2-3 years ago. It too, for no reason yesterday, came up as NO_NAME in finder, and all the songs on it were erased. The green and orange lights flash very quickly, alternatingly, when I try to power it on. My iBook no longer recognizes it as an ipod.

    Have there been many issues with 2g ipod shuffles? Do i need to do something special, like charge it everynight or something, to prevent these problems? I love the ipod shuffles and use them to work out a lot, but I don't want to have to keep buying them if they keep crapping out on me.
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    It just sounds like you have a computer that is eating the iPods or they are being used someplace with high EM Fields.

    I used to have a 1G shuffle, and it worked like a charm until I gave it to my uncle, who still uses it every day. I gave another one to my aunt and she loves it.

    My mom has a Pink 2G and she used it for almost a year without realizing that she needed to hook it up to the computer once in a while. When she first connected it, it wouldn't work, but iTunes easily reset it and reloaded everything on it as it was before and she was happy.


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