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Oct 13, 2011
First of all, is anyone else's weather app not updating the live weather? In my current city when I swipe notifications, it's cloudy at 64. On the weather app, it's sunny and 73, and the red notification bubble is 76. Is there anyway to fix this so the weather app updates to the current weather and I'm not always swiping down notifications to see what the weather is?

Also, when I move apps, then try to press the home button to stabilize the screen, the home button never works. Apps still have the animation like they do when you try to move them. I have to press the top button to go back to the lock screen. The home button works fine, it's only after I try to move apps. I figure this is more likely a bug, but I wanted to know if anyone else is experiencing this as well.

Also, I am not jail-broken, in case that helps.
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