Weather Radar and or Lightning App


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Feb 13, 2008
Living in S. Florida it would be helpful to have a great weather radar app. Any suggestions? Also is there an app that detects lightning or indicates approaching lightning?



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Nov 19, 2006
The weather channel has radar built into its app - just click on the map icon then the play button and it will animate. No lightning strikes tho.

I still think that a link in mobile safari to your local Doppler is more effective tho. - seems to have better detail. Just add it to your bookmarks.

I use these 2 means for nearshore boating in Tampa Bay area.


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Jan 31, 2009
2010 Pinpoint Lightning is probably the app you're looking for. It keeps you up to date on where lightning strikes. I think it's actually the only app that does this.

Also if you are looking for the most comprehensive weather map and are looking for a serious product, go for Radarscope. During tornado season in Oklahoma, I use a combination of Radarscope and MyCast Weather to supplement my chasing needs :D Someone also mentioned WVEC radar which is a great free solution as well.


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Sep 19, 2008
For Radar on my phone I am a fan of RadarScope. Aside from Angry Birds, it's been the app I have most gotten my money out of. When in my work car, I normally use the NWS radar on the Toughbook, but RadarScope comes in handy in being able to place my GPS location within the storm path.
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