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    Hi all...I'm very green with ssh and truly customizing themes the way I'd love them to be. I'm currently using, "dBar Mao [iOS 4] from cydia...(I'd post a screenshot if I new how) do I: A) get my local weather conditions? I've found the place in SSH, but when I used the code for Savannah GA, nothing happened. What is there now is:

    /*ITXX0042=Milan/UKXX0085=London/USNY0996=NYC/NLXX0016=The Hague/USCA0638=LA/USNV0049=Vegas/USCA0987=Frisco/FRXX0023=Cannes*/"

    It has so many cities...which do I replace to put in my city code? All of them?

    and B)...if you looked up this theme, you'll see the dock has text instead of icons for "mail", "Ipod", etc. How do I achieve this?

    I'm sure it's all quite simple, but as you can tell, I'm learning as I go. Thank you all very much for any help you may give and your time. Thanks again.
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    To get a screen capture simply hot the Sleep/Wake button and Home Button at the same time, it will save it to your photos folder. You will need some sort of imaging storage service like flickr, or if you have MobileMe you can send the phot to MobileMe and then share it so you can post the link on this forum and then we would be able to see the phone, if you need more direction search these forums on posting photos, there are tons of links.

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