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Sep 26, 2006
i'm looking for a web-based contact management program to use for a small music booking agency. there would be a handful of users, and we'd need it to be password protected. If the program included a calendar & tasks too, that would rock. i prefer either a free or relatively cheap approach.

anyone know of something good like this?


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Dec 7, 2007
Alexandria, VA, USA
If those links don't get ya what ya need, next focus on contact management tools related to CRM (Customer Relations Management). There are an abundant amount of CRM tools out there to offer solutions for sales and contact management. I work with the government, many agencies deal with this kind of thing often enough.

Here is a page for CRM shareware solutions

Here is a page that allows you to specify your needs and it recommends professional CRM solutions merely so you can compare what you lose in open source or shareware tools.

The best web based CRM solution I've seen is Sales Force. I would not call it small, though, but they have competitive pricing and one heck of a support and development community. Consider this as the company grows, not now.



May 15, 2006

You should check out 37 signals Highrise CRM. I use it and love it.

I think the free version only allows two separate user accounts though. But I think the price for an account is fair.
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