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    Oct 17, 2011
    I have a web browsing problem I would like to fix. I think it might be related to a network or router problem in my home system.

    My home internet access is not unusual. I get high speed internet access from the phone system using the Telus Optik system here in Canada. This is similar to AT&T U-Verse. A VDSL modem/router (Actiontec V1000H) feeds wired internet and Wi-Fi internet access to a IPTV system and my 2 computers (a Mac Mini and a Windows XP Toshiba notebook), iPad 2, and iPad Air. I get IPTV access plus 16 Mbit download and 5 Mbit upload bandwidth for the computers and tablets.

    My system has run pretty much perfectly for about 4 years, but now I have noticed a strange web browsing problem that has me baffled.

    Here is how the problem shows up. I use Safari on any of my 3 Apple devices to browse the http://lowes.ca website (Canada version of lowes.com). When I use the search box on that site to look for products, like ladder or drill, the site gives me a "Internal Server Error - Read" message, like the following:

    Internal Server Error - Read
    The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.
    Reference #3.fb690317.1468184677.11c9c51c

    The server error does not appear to happen to other people, however I contacted Lowes.ca and they are investigating. The server error also happens when I use my Windows XP notebook which runs FireFox.

    I have tried deleting lowes cookies, and then ALL cookies and site data, and that does not help.

    I have tried switching among the ISP DNS, OpenDNS, and Google DNS and that does not help.

    I have switched between wired and Wi-Fi internet connection to the Mac Mini and that does not help.

    I have rebooted and then factory reset the modem/router and called Telus tech support to test my internet connection (it tests good) and reset the modem and those things do not help.

    Here is the thing that makes me suspect my network is related to the problem: When I take my iPad Air to the nearby mall and access Wi-Fi internet at different places, there is no problem accessing lowes.ca. There is a Telus sales store at the mall and their internet access should be similar to mine, but I don't get the lowes.ca error there, or at a couple of other locations that use other ISPs.

    Any suggestions on how to fix this problem?
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    Mooresville, NC
    Are you able to test if it happens for other Telus Optik customers / neighbors? If it works for others on the Telus network (especially in the same neighborhood / geographical area), I'd look at swapping the modem / router.
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    Oct 17, 2011
    Good idea, I will check with a neighbour, we are all on the same phone feed I think, there is a Telus phone company distribution box at the end of the street. It has some electronics in it plus wiring connections for each house.
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    Try setting up a wireless hotspot with your mobile or your iPad and connect to lowes.ca through your hotspot. Try running the search with the hotspot connection. If it succeeds, then you can be pretty sure that the issue is connection related (either at your router or your provider) because you've isolated your computer as a factor and could independently test different network connections.

    Running the same test using wired or wifi isn't as useful because you're still going through the same network connection in the end. You're still tunneling through your Broadband router/modems.

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