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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Blazer5913, Aug 7, 2007.

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    Jan 20, 2004
    Hey guys, I have a quick question that I may just be missing an easy answer to. Plain and simple, I have a company in which I produce video DVD's for customers. The videos are comprised of video/photos taken on vacations, sports seasons, weddings, ect, and I compile them in iMovie, add titles transitions music the works. The hard part is that I give each client 3 revisions, and in this process of them seeing my product, I have to author 3 different DVD's and must run them to their house each time. Now with the web galleries thing, I'm pretty sure my solution is PERFECT. I will upload a highest quality video of their project to the web galleries web app and allow them to view it right from their computer. I have iLife (obviously) as well as .mac. But I also currently have a personal website that I use with iWeb with my blog, pictures of various trips, ect. MY QUESTION IS: can I use .Mac and iWeb/Web Galleries to accomplish both of these tasks, separately. Meaning I want my own personal website area that I can publish with iWeb to show my friends/family. But I also want another website, completely separate from my personal one (some clients should NOT be seeing these photos, haha) that will focus primarily on my business. Sorry if its a long post, but hopefully you guys understand. I have .Mac (1 account), iLife (getting the new one tomorrow). Thanks
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    Nov 27, 2003
    I can't answer your question exactly, but I can tell you I have my old Homepage website and new iWeb website up on .Mac and they are completely separate (or would be if I hadn't inserted hyperlinks between them).
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    Oh really? Are they both on the "web.mac.com/_____"... I'm just confused on how you set this up, because this is exactly what I am looking for! Did you make them both with iWeb?? It's gotta be something in iWeb...

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    Nov 27, 2003
    OK, here's what I know. Someone else will no doubt know better:

    The Homepage site was made from the Apple Homepage page. This is hosted at http://homepage.mac.com/username/ (links go nowhere)

    The iWeb site was made with iWeb and is hosted at http://web.mac.com/username/iWeb/site name

    Web Gallery is hosted at http://gallery.mac.com/username?

    (They are placed automatically)

    The question is, would your average Joe be able to go from one of these URLs to the other? You can't protect them (though you could write your own HTML entry page, I guess). A .Mac-savvy person would be able to if they bothered trying to find out if the others existed. They would know your username.

    What are the odds?

    I've had more thoughts:

    Here's my Finder showing my iDisk


    The folders in the right hand pane are the site folders and there is no way for anyone to move between them. Removing the index.html (which points to one of the pages as the default) gives an error page. Browsers do not seem to be able to access a directory list. Therefore it would seem your separate sites would be safe.

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