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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by imahawki, Jun 13, 2012.

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    I'll try to keep this brief though there is some history. I run a small hobby forum. I'm currently running vBulletin 4.x on a shared platform. My forum is a small group of people, many of whom have met in real life. I only have about 150 people who post weekly and only a little over 300 total members. But the ones who post weekly post several times a day in general. I've met probably 20 of the people in real life and there are several others who have met a couple dozen people in real life, sometimes multiple times a year.

    Any way, that's mere background to give you an idea of activity. A speck compared to something like MacRumors.

    My problem is, although my forum uses very little storage or bandwidth, apparently I'm "hogging" the CPU. I think this is because vBulletin is very inefficient with the way it manages queries. So a few months ago I had security issue. No data was taken but the site was spammed by editing the headers. So I had to do a reinstall and saved all posts, profiles etc. but over time I realized the search index needed rebuilt.

    I've put off the re-index out of fear that was apparently justified because this week I kicked it off at a VERY slow rate (5 posts at a time, the vBulletin software default is 250 at a time) and my host suspended my account due to CPU usage.

    And the kicker is they are essentially holding my account hostage. They want money just to unlock it so I can TRY to optimize it. But I'm running the standard software (no mods) and have almost no traffic. I don't actually believe I'm causing a load issue from a real load perspective, I just think that I'm sometimes using 7% instead of the 5% I'm allocated. I think that's kind of a crock and the fact that they want money to even let me try to fix something I don't think I can make any better has pissed me off.

    So long story short (I know) I'm looking for a new host. I can still get to my database so I can dump it and be up on a new host by tonight. But I need a recommendation for a host for a small forum... particularly if anyone else is running a forum on a SHARED account with no problems or complaints from the host, I'd love to know who your host is.

    Also, I'm considering converting BACK to PHPBB. I used to use that 5 years ago and never had any host problems. I've already moved hosts once and gotten complaints from this host as prior to today but only since I switched to vBulletin.

    Host recommendations and thoughts on converting back to PHPBB appreciated!
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