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Jun 9, 2008
Is there an alternative like Cpanel for Linux for the Mac? I see this blog post by macminicolo
about zpanel ( but i cannot find how to install on the mac.

OK now reasons why,
I want to run my company website on it
I want to run my family members websites on it. I have used cpanel and i want that simplistic system for them)
YES i have a static IP
Yes this will be installed in a colo location (I co-own a wisp and it will be in my NOC)
Because i want to
I don't like/know Linux very well
I want the other benefits of a mac operating system
I DON'T trust Windows


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Sep 4, 2006
A popular once used to be ZPanelCP, but I'm not sure if that's that case any more. Another is Webmin.

Geeky Chimp

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Jun 3, 2015
Firstly, I think you're making a sensible choice to go for OS X Server rather than Windows or Linux. We've just replaced a large number of our Windows servers with Mac Mini's running OS X Server. So far so good.

The OS X Server App is a really easy way to manage the web server role.

We aren't running a control panel, but allow users FTP access for static html sites or have WordPress sites for users who want a CMS.

I know of a local dev company who spoke to us regarding a project they've started for an OS X Server Web Management Panel but I'm sure how far they've got with it.
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