Web Hosting: Pros and Cons for switching from Yahoo to Mobile Me

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    Hello. My relative has been using yahoo's web hosting for years. The main reason of choice is that it would be easier for potential visitors to search/find his website via yahoo or google. At least that is what he was told. Is this true? What are the pros and cons for switching from yahoo to Mobile Me both in general and in terms of gaining publicity? The monthly cost for both services are almost the same. How easy it is for a website hosted by Mobile Me, rather than yahoo, to be searched/found? I can image that yahoo might be able to make its customers' website easier to be found by popular search engines. Thanks.
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    To Mobile Me users

    Perhaps I should change the question. For those who use Mobile Me to set up website for business, how easy it is for customers to find your site? Is there a way to increase the priority of search? Does Apple do anything in this regard?
    I heard that websites of yahoo's customers are given higher priority in the search engines so that there is a higher chance for those websites to show up.
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    Who your website is hosted with has no bearing on your popularity in search engines. The only bearing it may have is the location of the server (i.e. a website hosted on a UK server will rank better on a UK search engine).

    What your relative needs to do is look into 'Search Engine Optimisation' (SEO). This is a number of techniques, such as keywords, link building, etc, that improve your website's importance.

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