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    Does Mac/Safari browser or whatever, on my Macs :apple: have something, I don't know about yet,:rolleyes: similar to Windows XP Notepad so I can use my Mac laptop or desktop computors to do my web page work? I operate a couple Family History sites and want use the portability of my MacBookPro to upload when I travel. I have Pages & KeyNote but nothing looks like what I'm after.:confused:

    My Mac 24" desktop's excellent for hotel displays as I travel to US Family Reunions and meet American PACE cousins. I have a lot of UK history and video I show. My Am.cousins love my UK presentations so I have these Macs to improve my fun/work. I need to learn how to use them better.:confused:

    I've been doing web pages for years with my old PC; Windows XP (clunker) using notepad to review and edit my web pages. I don't want to go to a formal Editor, I like to write the script myself and use graphics from Dynamic Drive, etc. to enhance my Family History pages. The old PC has been great but is a clunker in this world of Macs. Looking for advice.;)
    GordP in wilderness Ontario,Can.:cool:
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    Apple computers comes with TextEdit.
    TextWrangler (free) can be downloaded to use for HTML / script editing.

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