Web-sharing/Apache/php and Nameservers.

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    Not sure if i've posted this question in the right category (please move as necessary if not posted in the right category) but i'd like to host a small not for profit web-site using Apache, php and possibly MySQL under Mac OS X on a Mac Mini. I'm a newbie to Mac OS X and web-hosting so please bear with me if i'm asking questions that have an obvious answer.

    I've enabled Web-sharing/Apache, downloaded and installed php and set-up port forwarding on my ADSL Modem Router, i'm able to browse a test web-site that's running on my Mac Mini remotely from outside of my LAN therefore am happy that Apache is running, however i've come across a stumbling block (due to lack of knowledge and not having run my own web-server previously). What i'm confused with, and don't know the answer to is regarding setting up a registered domain name accordingly to point towards the static IP Address of my Mac Mini. I understand that several if not all domain name companies allow for you to point or re-direct domain names registered to other URLs however I don't know whether nameserver addresses need to be changed accordingly for hosting to be set-up correctly.

    The reason why i'm confused is because i'm paying for web-hosting via a third-party web-host and remember needing to change nameserver entries for the domain name registered to ones given by the third-party web-host. Why this needed to be done i'm not 100% sure.

    Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.
    Thank you.

    Kind Regards.
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    No, you shouldn't have to change the nameservers if your domain host allows you to point the domain at your Mac's IP address. You are correct that most third party hosting asks you to change the nameservers, this is to allow their control panels to function correctly with the new domain name and should be a non issue for you in your current situation.
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    I use MyDomain - they allow IP pointing and even though my IP is technically dynamic is hasn't changed since I moved into the new house last October. The service is free and after you sign up, enter in IP forwarding information, then you change your domain's name servers to point at MyDomain's and they take care of the rest.

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