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    have checked this out ... runs pretty smoothly, and great for quick flight status checks on edge.

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    15 January 2008
    12:00:00 PM GMT
    Business Wire
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    SAN FRANCISCO - (BUSINESS WIRE) - From the Macworld Conference & Expo®: Handmark®, a global leader in mobile media, today announced the availability of a new, free version of Pocket Express® travel services built specifically for the Apple® iPhone and iTouch.
    iPhone and iTouch customers now have free, unlimited access to:
    * The most accurate airline schedules and flight status
    * Detailed hotel information and bookings from Hotels.com
    * Dozens of click-to-call travel numbers (airlines, rental car agencies, etc.)
    * 24/7 round-the-clock travel reservations service
    * Automatic conversions for 164 global currencies
    * READ RED: Exclusive travel commentaries

    “The new travel services from Pocket Express include the best flight status data available at any price. Free or otherwise,” said Paul Reddick, Handmark CEO. “We are pleased to bring Pocket Express Travel edition to iPhone and iTouch customers, so they too can have the freedom of knowing that an answer is only a click away.”

    Pocket Express is the award-winning news and information service found on millions of Treo, BlackBerry and other smartphones. Pocket Express® Travel edition for the iPhone and iTouch is a suite of free ad-supported travel services including the OAG® – Official Airlines Guide.

    Pocket Express OAG® Flight Status combines the best from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), as well as that of premium airline, and direct telemetry from aircraft for the most accurate estimates in the industry. Pocket Express makes it easy to access data on 75,000 daily departures from more than 3,500 airports around the world. Because it is the most accurate, this same OAG data is what’s actually displayed on in-airport displays at many of the busiest terminals.

    To start using the new version of Pocket Express travel services on the iPhone or iTouch, just point the device’s Safari Web browser to www.pocketexpress.com using either Wi-Fi or the mobile operator connection.
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    Native app alternative coming soon

    Hi there,

    I just wanted to let everyone know that a native app for flight status/schedules/tracking is coming soon:



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