Webcam not recognized in skype

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by stagmeister, Oct 19, 2007.

  1. stagmeister macrumors regular

    Jul 17, 2004
    I have a Microsoft LifeCam VX-3000 which I am using macam to hook up to my mac. It works in macam pretty well (except for some flickering, which hopefully will be fixed in the next release of macam), and I installed the system-wide component. Yesterday, the webcam was working fine in skype but today when I opened up skype it said "no video camera connected". Any ideas as to why this would be happening?

  2. macmule macrumors newbie

    Jun 28, 2008
    Lifecam VX-3000 with macam not recognised in skype

    Hi Stagmeister

    I have exactly the same problem as you - my Lifecam VX-3000 works with macam but is not recognised in skype - did you end up finding a solution?

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