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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by jknight8907, Feb 20, 2010.

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    Does anyone know of a good program to record webcam footage? I'd like to get an iSight or other webcam and put it in the window beside my front door to record who comes up to the door. I've been having a problem with nosy neighbors messing with mail recently. I have a Mini I could dedicate to this project, basically what I want it to do is just record constantly to the hard drive, automatically erasing after, say, a week or so. Ideas?
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    You can fill up a large hard drive real quick if you record in a size and quality that you can actually use with clear details.

    I would suggest using EvoCam or something along that line.

    I've used this for years and its great at catching people and monitoring your house etc. It is also real easy to set up a motion sensing trigger area. Then only when it detects motion in the zone you set up will it record.
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    have you tried 'vitamin d', hat is mac and pc, also icam is cool if you have an iphone, it will sense movement and notify you, then you can use the iphone app to look at the camera.
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    What about iCam? You can set up any USB or Firewire cams, and then monitor them over 3G or EDGE via your iPhone. Very cool!

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