Webmail beta II & mac.com/AIM


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Webmail Beta II is out! It doesn't seem that much of a difference, but there seems to be better browsing, and some minor new features.

Check it out: http://webmail.mac.com

Also, now you can use your mac.com sign-in name for AIM. I guess this is to help iChat for Jaguar.


P.S. Sorry if this was already posted.. i couldn't find anything relative, so I decided to post it.


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Jan 27, 2002
SLC UT/Italy
I have been using Hotmail in combonation with Outlook and entourage for a while now and have wanted to switch, web mail for my mac.com address is the answer and as soon as betaI came out I dumped MS as my mail app and am rarely checking my hotmail. One step closer to total assimilation
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