Webmail does not work well with 2,000 plus messages

Discussion in 'Apple Music, Apple Pay, iCloud, Apple Services' started by swingerofbirch, Nov 15, 2008.

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    I have been having to use MM webmail for a few weeks now, and it would take too long to describe all the problems it has had. It's faster to say that it occasionally sends and receives mail.

    I finally spoke to a MM rep who looked at my account and said I had too many messages, spread across numerous folders. He said MM becomes erratic and doesn't work well when you have more than 2,000 messages.

    I'm kind of pissed right now because I use e-mail as a way to journal, and I lost a very long e-mail I had written and sent to myself.

    When MM webmail does work, it looks slick. But I much more trust Gmail as it autosaves drafts, etc, and generally "just works."

    I have suffered through MM for so long all for the sake of not having to change my e-mail address.

    I am now composing my e-mails in text edit and then pasting them into MM before I send them so I don't worry about it being lost.

    I personally think for the money, Apple should do better than this. They should contract out the back end server stuff to Google!
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    Wow... that's pretty ridiculous, if it is actually the Apple engineering team's recommendation and not some random CSR mouthing off. It would have been reasonable a decade ago, but given that e-mail systems like Google, as you note, have no problem at all with keeping lots of e-mail (I will probably cross 10,000 e-mails in my Gmail account this week), this isn't reasonable in 2008...

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