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Aug 3, 2014

I regularly clear out the website data in Safari preferences > Privacy and often after deleting all data they reappear immediately. It seems I need to clear website data on Ipad first so maybe something to do with icloud. However after numerous attempts it clears all of the website data except one item which always appears, (databases)
All the other items are caches, cookies and local storage.

I'm wondering what this is and I did a google search and it is the Library of Congress. Now what really puzzles me is why this keeps showing up, even immediately after deleting all website data and not using Safari. I have never visited the website so it really puzzles me and don't even live in the USA.

Anyone have any ideas about this?

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Lud DiLettante

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Dec 17, 2015
I was just wondering why "" is asking 1 Mb disk space for a ”html5 test db” when I enter Openculture. (I've visited the site almost daily for years but this thing is new to me.) I didn't accept and Safari nearly froze with endless beachball. Next time I went to Openculture I got nowhere because of the thing just repeated itself when I clicked no.
I'm not paranoid, I just wanted to check what it is which lead me here. If it turns out I can't access OC anymore, then maybe I'll be curious for more info...
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