Website help - anyone else have PrimeMail Pharmacy? (Blue Cross)

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by TraceyS/FL, Feb 15, 2007.

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    Jan 11, 2007
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    OK, i'm not sure if this is even the place to ask about this - but it's worth a shot due to the numbers of people here.

    Aside from the fiasco this Pharmacy Switch has been on the personal level, today I discovered that they aren't "Mac friendly".

    As in, with 2 rows of links - only the top row does anything - which means i can't check on prescriptions (that they LOOSE). Once i got that issue having a trouble ticket created, i had the lady send me to their Tech Support. The crappy thing is they make it impossible to do anything over the phone - they want you on the web.

    I'd already told the guy at BC Tech Support that they were going to tell me to "buy a PC". He laughed and said - i hear the opposite, my brother is the Manager of the Anchorage Apple Store :D

    SOOO, sure enough - they try to tell me to use IE. I said, um, no, it's not installed on my computer. AND, they say you need version 6 of it, and I know the Mac version isn't there (at that time I didn't realize it had been totally axed). He puts me on hold - wants to know what other browser i have to try. Well, i tell him i could TRY Firefox - but it has some issues (really, it needs to work in SAFARI), he doesn't even want me to try FF.

    Did I reboot the computer? NO, it's a fresh boot - came home, no prescription on porch, started this mess by turning on the computer.

    More crappy hold music... I meanwhile find the statement on the MS site about IE being pulled and not being downloadable - and they say to use the BETTER product Safari :D

    So, I read that to him - silence. He wants to know if i want to live with it or create a ticket. Ticket please.

    So apparently someone is going to call me in 3-4 days on the issue. But I was curious if anyone elses BC/BS companies (it's 10 Blues that own it - so i imagine 10 states) are using PrimeMail and if you have tried it from your Mac.

    I think i'll be a B*&^% about it until they make it work.
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    Jun 14, 2006
    Safari IS better than IE.

    People always accuse Safari of being bad at rendering web pages correctly, but in fact it's one of the best out there. I build sites myself, and generally, Safari has no issues at all displaying it, all tables are drawn correctly, and images appear as they're meant to.

    However, Firefox (especially version 2) and IE give us huge problems, we have to spend ages testing the sites with these two.

    I think the reason one or two sites DON'T work in Safari is because they're only generally tested in IE, the most troublesome and popular browser, Firefox, which is generally better than IE, but NOT Safari...

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