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Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by kbxx, Oct 5, 2012.

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    Oct 5, 2012
    I recently designed a basic html website for a company, and seem to be having a problem with the wallpaper/background image loading in Firefox OS X. I'm only aware of this problem because of testing it via Adobe's BrowserLab, and found that Firefox OS X is the only browser that apparently won't load the wallpaper images or most of the basic JPEG or GIF images within the webpages. Is there a way to fix this slow load (I'm assuming that is what it is, although it's never actually loaded the background in that browser), or a way to target this specific browser in the code to enable it to recognize the images sooner?
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    First, always avoid writing browser-specific code. There are rare occasions that it is unavoidable, but try to avoid it.

    Second, please send us code or a link to the page so we can look at the source code and help you.
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    I'm with aarond12 100% on everything they said.

    While waiting for OP to respond, just wanted to point out a few things for everyone else following this:

    @-moz-document url-prefix() {} – it works in all firefox except Mac (common CSS hack)

    Firefox in recent versions both Mac and PC but especially Mac has become bloated in my opinion as to features, bells and whistles. This is further affected by modern plugins (extensions) which in combination cause long load times for both startup of FF and content loading. When testing a browser, be sure to use only the native version without third party extensions, the only fair test. FFox has an extensive open source development community but standards have laxed in my opinion.

    Specifically, web developers, SEO optimization for developers and popup blockers and social networking extensions which tie into remote API's are notorious for slowing FF down.
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    try the following for background in your css file:

    background: #whatever_solid_color_you_want_goes_here url('../images/background_image.jpg') any_additional_code_goes_here;
    i don't know if it's the correct way of fixing it, but it worked for me when i had a similar issue.

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