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    There are those that tell me that my old fashioned HTML based site ( needs to be upgraded to some blog format like Word Press or something else in order for my hits to increase. While a blogging format has many advantages, the truth is I have so much on my site and can't justify the expense of such a move without a good reason, and not unless I would see results. I am capable of managing my site via Sea Monkey and the old fashioned way just fine.

    Doing some key word searches in Google I see that some of my pages rank up towards the top and better than newer designed sites, while others not as high. I think that popularity is a high contributor to search results and this may or may not have anything to do with website format whether it be old fashioned HTML like mine or something newer.

    So does anyone know of Google & yahoo's formula for web search results? Thank you.

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    Having a more modern site won't really make it rank higher in google, as google ranks your site based on how much relevant, written content there is, how fresh that content is and how many quality backlinks your site has. However, having a newer website design will help in the user experience feild. People are less likely to 'bounce' if your site is modern and well designed, than if it has a 90s design. It does of course depend on your audience, but if you are relying on search engines to provide your website with converting visitors, the first impression is everything. Once someone clicks on your site on google, they will probably be more likely to stay and explore your site if it looks more up to date.

    Oh, and when you say that your website ranks well in google when you search certain keywords... Are you by any chance logged into your google or gmail account when you do this? Because google tailors your results to you, so if you frequently search and click on your site, it will appear to rank higher (for you, only). So to get an accurate impression of what a stranger would see when they google those keywords, you must log out of your google account and reset your browser before searching. Or better yet, use a different computer altogether.
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