Website won't load, online otherwise.

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by ellem, Nov 22, 2013.

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    Nov 22, 2013
    I hope this is the right spot and maybe one of you can help me versus the idiots at comcast. My internet is working, the modem/router are online, and I can access EVERY website except for subdomains on I can access but I can't access or I do web-design as a hobby and keep a lot of my coding/build things and host it here and while it may seem stupid to just not move everything to a new website, it's the best free website I've found and generally I'm just really annoyed why it's the only website that won't work. So far I've called comcast (no help, in fact they deny it's them) along with done everything to the router plugging/resetting wise. I've tried it in every browser on my computer (Safari/Firefox/Chrome) all with the same results. I've narrowed it down to having to be an issue with comcast's wifi/that connection because when I am using cellular data only on my iphone I can access my work on no problem. When I turn wifi back on? The page won't load. Unfortunately the people at comcast couldn't seem to comprehend this. Another thing to note is when my Mac "wakes up" in the morning I have to reset the modem to get it to connect to the internet even though the modem is online, but I don't know what they might have to do with the other.

    Does anyone have any advice/anything else I could try? I'd sincerely appreciate any suggestions. So far it's literally the only website that won't work, but I obviously don't know that for certain since I haven't done a lot of normal browsing the past couple of days.
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    Try changing your DNS settings on your computer to something else (Google's or OpenDNS come to mind). If that too fails, see if you can connect to your router and make a change there. If that doesn't help either, it's time to bring in more advanced troubleshooting tools: ping and traceroute. These are command-line utilities most often used for network problem diagnosis. The ping tool is used to check if a site is reachable, and traceroute finds the route through which you reach a given site. Try ping first:
    Then traceroute:
    The output from ping tells you how long it takes to reach the site, among other things. The output from traceroute helps determine where any routing failures are occurring, which will in turn tell you if the issue is on your end, the ISP's end, or somewhere else.

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