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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by iOrbit, Mar 8, 2012.

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    Mar 8, 2012

    i'm new here, i just bought my first ever mac on tuesday, a MacBook Pro - late 2011 model.

    as a new mac owner, i have been loving the OS for the most part over windows, in most the ways i hoped i would.

    however, i have had one problem - web browsing.

    websites are inconsistently loading, i'm not sure what is worng, but some websites will work and others won't. for instance, Google will load, but Facebook will only stall and never load. Youtube will work, and then Google won't load or work, but then Facebook will. it keeps changing.. it isn't consistent.

    then sometimes, most if not all websites work! there seems to be no consistency with the websites that work and don't work, and the issue in its self seems inconsistent, sometimes all my websites are working. since i came from a 2010 cheap acer laptop, i'm not sure i can judge if the websites that are working, are working at full speed. (It feels like the pages that work could load faster if think about it)

    does anyone know what could be the cause? my Connectio is over Wi-Fi.
    i have been loving my MacBook Pro, and OS X Lion for the most part, it feels like such a shame and a disappointment that it hasn't been a perfect experience over a problem to do with something as simple as web browsing.

    i'll do my best to share further detail, i have heard of MBP's with Lion having dropping wi-fi connections, from what i can tell, my Wi-Fi stays connected, it just doesn't load pages consistently.

    please Help.


    i'm experiencing it now on this website.. its very odd.. i have opened a new tab for a different part of the forum here and its loading Very slow/or stalling aka not going to load.

    yet on this tab, when i go to find my topic, browsing the forum works.

    whats going on??

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