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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by MattSepeta, Jul 14, 2010.

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    So the wedding bookings are starting to mount up and I am faced with the inevitable issue of "Prints."

    I am torn between including prints in my pricing structures or whether to leave it up to the B/G. What do you guys do typically?

    I am thinking of giving the B/G the option. I would not incorporate the cost into the base prices, but would rather just charge them a decent premium, say, 40%. I am thinking of using such a high premium due to the extra time it will take formatting the books, adding photos, etc. For photo books I am torn between using Blurb or Shutterfly. Thoughts?

    As for prints, I am thinking I will use SnapFish, it seems to be very reliable and high quality. I was thinking of just charging a 20% premium for basic prints, so lets say the couple orders a total of 150 prints at $.09 each, costing me $13.50 to produce, charge them $16.20.

    How do these figures sound? Thanks for any and all help, guys ;)
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    Jun 11, 2009
    I typically leave it up to them. I do offer printing service to them from nations photo lab. If i drop ship it to them i do not normally charge anything extra for the prints. If i have to handle them then i charge like you 20 or 30 percent on top for the minor trouble. It depends on how you like to work. I personally see print sales as old school way of doing paid photography. The new method seems to be doing more by the job like a wedding is X price you get X goods. Then if you want prints they are not outrageous. This is cause every corner store has a photo printer now since quality is cheap. Do a bolt on system where you can bolt on prints at varying sizes that way your base is always the same and you can customize to there needs with each bolt on group.

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