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    Hi Guys,

    Our deepest congratulations to you and your fiancé on your happy engagement! The planning process of what is to come should be fun and memorable, which is why you need Wedding Planner PRO to make the planning easier and effortless.

    Wedding Planner PRO is designed especially for everything to do with wedding planning. It can help keep track of wedding tasks, guest list, vendors, ideas, notes, and your wedding day itinerary. With wedding planner pro, everything you need is in one place and at the mercy of your fingertips!

    We have packed this app full of features to meet the requirements of planning a small wedding to a big wedding.

    ✓ Keeps you on track with wedding tasks before, during and after your wedding day
    ✓ Set reminders for tasks in case you forget
    ✓ Draft, edit and make infinite changes to your wedding day schedule/itinerary until everything is perfect
    ✓ Effortless way to quickly mark the guest is attending, not attending or still awaiting a reply
    ✓ Saves unlimited vendor images to help you remember which one you like best
    ✓ Mark specific vendors as favourites
    ✓ Flexible note entering
    ✓ Creative space for images and notes to sort out or brainstorm ideas for your wedding
    ✓ Track the progress of your tasks and the guest list all in one place!
    ✓ Search feature
    ✓ Backup feature via iTunes File Sharing

    ✿ Add as many event slots as you need for your big day
    ✿ Automatically sorts your changes by the time, so everything goes smoothly
    ✿ Able to add location, time, description

    ✿ Preset with wedding task suggestions
    ✿ Add unlimited amount of tasks
    ✿ Lets you know where in time you should be based on your wedding date
    ✿ Quick and easy check list to keep your wedding planning organised
    ✿ Set a reminders for specific tasks
    ✿ Able to set levels of task priority - low, medium and high.

    ✿ Able to keep track of sent invitation
    ✿ Effortless way to mark a guest as attending, not attending or still awaiting reply
    ✿ Able to support accompanying guests
    ✿ Able to mark a guest as adult or child for important head counts for things like reception planning
    ✿ Able to keep track of special meal requirements
    ✿ Able to keep track of gifts received by guests to help you with thank you notes
    ✿ Able to keep track of sent thank you's
    ✿ Able to keep track of guest attendance - all day, ceremony only or reception only
    ✿ Able to keep track of who is selected to be in your bridal party
    ✿ Able to keep track of different guest categories

    ✿ Add unlimited photos to help you remember what made you like this particular vendor!
    ✿ Able to keep track of the vendors contact details, including but not limited to, the address, phone, website
    ✿ Able to categorise the vendor e.g. reception, ceremony, photographer, etc.
    ✿ Able to enlarge the photos to show your family and friends which vendors you prefer and let them help you make a decision.
    ✿ Able to mark vendors as favourites

    ✿ Tracks the task and guest progress
    ✿ Able to keep track of the number of tasks completed and the number of tasks left to do
    ✿ Able to help you determine whether you are ahead, behind or on schedule with the tasks set to do
    ✿ Able to quickly narrow the next tasks left to achieve within the same time frame
    ✿ Able to determine which task time frame you should be at using your wedding date - don't have one yet, give an estimate!
    ✿ Able to keep track of number of guests entered
    ✿ Able to keep track of number of adults, child, special meals required
    ✿ Able to determine and calculate for you the number of guests that are attending, not attending or still awaiting reply
    ✿ Able to determine from those RSVP attending guests, whether they are attending all day, ceremony only or reception only

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