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Oct 26, 2015
West Sussex, England
I couldn't decide whether to go with the one I eventually went with, or this one.

HAYWARDS HEATH - 19.11.22.jpg


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Aug 9, 2009
A sea of green
@chown33 The low angle really makes this shot. It makes me feel being stared down by pointy cartoon characters.
Thanks for the comment.

The clouds were drifting past that day, and right after I setup the shot, one blocked the sun. Those cute fuzzy green cartoon characters suddenly looked a lot different. It was a Space Odyssey Monolith Moment.


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May 4, 2018
Wild Rose And Wind Belt
Some great entries this round. Congrats to all.

@OldMacs4Me Kodacolor AND backlight! That really warms up the colors.
This actually looks a shade warmer on the site, than it does when I look at the 'original' via Preview.

Kodacolor 100 was my favorite film back in that era. Not great for skin tones which was OK by me as I was and remain to this day, a lousy portrait photographer.
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