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Feb 21, 2012
Behind the Lens, UK
Welcome to this weeks photo contest thread!

The theme this week is: Tranquility. This was suggested by @Scepticalscribe as a contrast to last weeks theme, and tbh I could do with a bit of piece and tranquility at the moment!
So as always I'm sure we will see a diverse set of images, but as I know we have many people who follow these contests, but never enter I say come on in and give it a go!
There are no limitations on entering and its open to anybody with a camera, whatever that camera might be (even a camera phone).

Be creative and have fun.

You may only submit one photo per contest.

Please do not comment on photos until after the judging has taken place.

The contest runs for exactly one week, starting NOW! (see time/date stamp at the start of this thread.)

At the end of the week, The Judge (last week's Winner) will choose a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place photo, providing as much feedback as possible. (Judge has 24 hours to make decision.)

The 1st place Winner will start a new thread with the topic/theme of their choice, and act as the Judge for that contest. (Winner has 48 hours to create new theme, after that it differs to 2nd place).


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Oct 2, 2013
Boats sitting peacefully during sunset.


  • boats_on_the_sea.jpg
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Apple fanboy

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Feb 21, 2012
Behind the Lens, UK
Hi folks. Sorry for the delay. My little study is upstairs, and completely roasting yesterday, but a little more bearable today.

Well I’m afraid you’ve got to put up with my uneducated ramblings if you want feedback this week. Please remember these are just my opinions, and I mean no offense by what I say. Just calling it as I see it. Feel free to completely disagree!


Well what a cracker to start! Lovely colours and composition. This shot just makes me long to live by the water. The silhouettes of the boats complement the colour of the sky.


Again another cracking sky. The cloud cover in this one is sublime. Not sure if it’s possible, but I think the posts look a little cluttered. If you could adjust the angle so they were a little more diagonal, I think this would work even better.


Water seems to be popular with people’s idea of tranquility doesn’t it! I like the simitary of this image along with the shot. Getting the exposure right for both the boat house (spot on) and the wider shot is quite tricky. You made the best choice, unless you had a tripod, in which case you could do an HDR shot to maybe recover some of those highlights. The only other thing I’d suggest is going a bit wider than 28 mm. The 14-24 mm is an excellent lens if you can find one at the right price.


Lovely bit of Bokah. I’ve tried similar shots to this, but never quite got it right. I think where this shot wins is the glass diffusing the candle light. I’d always try and shoot the flame and mess it up. Simple and affective.


I love a nice seascape. I’m guessing this was the look you were going for, but I’d probably reduce the exposure time a little bit to put some more detail in there. It’s the sort of image I could very easily see on the wall of a trendy art studio though.


I’m not overly sure this image fits the theme. I’m not sure the squashed barn makes me think of tranquility. More like after the storm! Sorry that’s just me. Also I’d either put the farm house on the left in or out. Chopped in half doesn’t do anything for the image IMO.


I was sure this was a slow exposure to get that water so still. Then I saw it was an iPhone 6 shot, and I have to say consider me impressed! Just goes to show it’s the photographer not the equipment! My only negative is the duck who lost his legs and the twigs at the bottom, which I find a little distracting. Good effort though!


I like the way this image goes from dark to light. However there’s not quite enough detail as the shot is mostly cloud, to tell the full story. Makes me want to look around to give a bit of context to the scene. I’d say the exposure was bang on though.


Well he looks like he’s enjoying the sunshine! I like the fact you have resisted to go wide open, to give the scene just the right amount of context with the blurred background. I’d prefer the image without the leg on the left (not sure if it’s yours), but I think this is a lovely and not an obvious choice for the subject, but it fits perfectly.


And another iPhone entry. Again a lovely scene shot well. My only criticism is the grain in the shot due to the choice of camera. If this was shot on something a little better, it would look that much stronger IMO. That being sais, the best camera is the one you have (or have with you), so again nicely done.


Another dark and moody water scene. Beautiful colours, but a little dark for me. Just a little brighter (or maybe earlier) and this would be bang on the money. Also it looks like your sensor could do with a bit of a clean.


Really nice. This shot reminds me of many of the places I visit. Again quite a tricky shot to expose correctly as you are shooting into the sun. Looks like a lovely tranquil place.


A glass of something nice and a book to read in the garden. Sounds blissful. I’m not overlysure what the central focus should be though. The bottle, the lady the roses? A little confusing for my head.


So the alcohol is another repeating theme in this thread. However here the focal point is clear. I love the lighting and the bokah in this shot. Very nice.


What a lovely garden. Nothing like mine! Looks like the sort of place I’d love to sit and relax.

@Laird Knox

Lovely slow night scene, and what an interesting rock formation. That smaller rock on the top looks like its waiting to be pushed off! The composition works well as does the lighting. I’d be interested to here more about how you shot this.


Looks like the sort of beeches I used to go for days out in the UK. This guy has found a good spot to get away from it all. Good spot.


Now this one looks more like the sort of beech I’d like to go visit today! Love the setting (or rising) sun. The PP on the sky has just the right amount of interest for me. Nice.


Another water scene to finish. I like the colour’s with this one, but to me the image would be better without the boat dead center. In this case the rule of thirds would have made for an even stronger image IMO.

So here are my choices. Could have gone a number of ways.

3rd place zaphodtheprez Great shot for an iPhone.

2nd place AlexH Simple and affective shot.

1st place stillcrazyman I think this fits the theme perfectly. Well done.

Over to you stillcrazyman for this weeks competition.


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Oct 2, 2013
Thanks for your feedback AFB, appreciate it as always! Really good job judging this week, a great selection of entries - completely wanted to go on holiday! I really liked everyone's pic with @jkramerbob and @stillcrazyman being my favourites! Well done everyone and I hope you enjoyed my image as well :).
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