Weekly Photo Contest 28 May - 4 June- LITERATURE


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Jan 16, 2009
Welcome to this week's contest!

The theme this week is LITERATURE. Interpret as widely as you wish but I should be able to recognize the theme. Books (obviously), people reading, writing, words, authors, calligraphy, a scene from a famous work, metal type, printing presses, writing instruments, signs, libraries, etc... all ideas that would work. Be creative and have fun. You have to...that's rule #1.

Contest ends: 4 June 2015


1. Be creative and have fun.

2. Please submit only one photo per contest.

3. Please do not comment on photos until after the judging has taken place.

4. The contest runs for exactly one week, starting NOW! (see time/date stamp at the start of this thread)

5. At the end of the week, The judge (last week's winner) will choose a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place photo, providing as much feedback as possible. (Judge has 24 hours to make decision)

6. The 1st place Winner will start a new thread with the topic/theme of their choice, and act as the Judge for that contest. (Winner has 48 hours to create new theme).
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Jan 16, 2009
Alright, just a few days left. Let's see some more. Don't let me off the hook easy with this weeks judging.
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Jan 16, 2009
Just a few more hours to get some more submissions in. I'll close the contest this evening when I get home from work (Eastern Standard Time).


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Jan 16, 2009
OK, contest is closed. I'm starting the esteemed judging now. Hopefully this new forum format doesn't throw me off.


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Jan 16, 2009
Ok, thanks for all the submissions. I was hoping for few more but you never know what theme will bring them in and what won't. Some quality shots here and I'll do my best. Super busy so I'll probably be a little brief.

Certainly a very worthwhile piece of literature. More people should read it more often. A very difficult place to take a picture as well.

imac wannabe They are all lined up perfectly. I understand and appreciate it as a 17yr military guy myself. I'm not sure why but I like the image on Flickr better than in the forum. Great job getting centered but I wonder if there's another angle that would accentuate the perfect alignment of the books since in this composure your eye immediately goes to the alter.

tomnavratil That's a lot of books. The image seems jumbled at first but when you settle for a moment you really start to enjoy searching all the corners and such for more parts and things to discover. I like the way you handled the black and white. It adds to the image.

MacRy It counts. Have you ever looked at some of the things they printed in papers a 200 years ago? Tabloid journalism is not new thing. Well done B&W. Nice contrast and the focus and is clearly on the subject. I like the overall mood.

AlexH Bonus points for highlighting one of my favorite authors. It's nicely composed and I like the off camera light and the colors with the tea. My only critique is maybe a slightly different angle so the book doesn't appear as a flat rectangle (a little bit of binding or edge).

logista Aha! I see what you did there...or was it not intentional? J.R.R. Tolkien was a fellow Inkling and friend of C.S. Lewis. I like what you are trying to do here. It's a nice take on the theme...straightforward in a way but creative. My one critique is that the Rudolf Flesch book doesn't fit the look and feel of the rest. But I guess it is "an anthology of the unusual".

Hughmac Nicely done. The shadows add some depth and help the image not look flat against the white wall. It's well done B&W and I think that works with the theme well. There's a bit of negative space on the right that's a little distracting but overall I like it.

filmbufs Very nicely composed. I like all the layers and the lack of color works perfectly. Everything in the image fits well. I took French lessons this year and I'm disappointed that I can't understand a thing (except north and Paris). The course was not well done at all.

rx7dude The fridge learning toy. We had one that made animal sounds when you put the right piece in. Nice playful take on the theme. The straight on shot doesn't add too much interest though. Would've liked to have seen a little one playing with it.

Apple fanboy That is a cool building. Looks like a stack of Christmas presents. I like the angle that you chose. It makes the building command the interest in the image. I wish the tree wasn't there on the right. Not much you could do about that or the overcast.

On to what you bought tickets for...

3rd place - AlexH
2nd place - MacRy
1st place - filmbufs

Congrats filmbufs! A well executed image for this weeks theme. It's on to you for the next one.

Apple fanboy

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Feb 21, 2012
Behind the Lens, UK
Well done everyone. I kind of ran out of time so went for a library picture (of a library).
Filmbufs would have been my choice to. Nice composition.
On to the next.


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Jul 18, 2008
Glasgow, UK
Well done guys. Filmbufs was a beautiful shot, very reminiscent of a 50 detective show (even though not the point of the competition). Really liked it.


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Feb 4, 2012
Kent, UK
Lovely photos, great winners :)
I had writers cramp with this competition and to be honest just banged one out.

Cheers :)



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Mar 25, 2010
Ann Arbor, MI
Thanks for the comments, JDDavis, and lovely photo filmbufs (also my favorite :))

BTW: I wasn't commenting on CS Lewis with Tolkien. Stack poems are typically read through titles only, which is what I was trying to indicate by cropping in so closely to the titles but it didn't seem to work. That's ok, though, just means I need to experiment more!


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Sep 8, 2012
Wow, thanks for the vote, JDDavis and the kind words from everyone else! It was nice to shoot again just for fun. I enjoyed the other entries as well and rx7dude's image brought a smile to my face.


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Oct 2, 2013
Czech Republic
Thank you for your critique! I can imagine many might class my image is busy as the usage of space in that church is just unreal. A lot of good entries and tough competition - well done to the winners!


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Nov 30, 2004
Well done filmbufs for the fabulous shot and a well deserved winner. I enjoyed all the entries and think MacRy's atmospheric photo ran it a close second.
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