Weekly Photo Contest: April 13th - April 20th (Unusual Perspective)

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Cheese&Apple, Apr 13, 2014.

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    Jun 5, 2012
    Welcome to this weeks photo contest thread.

    Theme: Unusual Perspective

    Bring on your best shot of any subject or scene from a different or unexpected perspective. I'm not talking about macro. I'm talking about a creative and different way of seeing something and capturing that image.

    1. Please submit only one photo per contest.

    2. Please do not comment on photos until after the judging has taken place.

    3. The contest runs for exactly one week, starting NOW! (see time/date stamp at the start of this thread)

    4. At the end of the week, The Judge (last week's Winner) will choose a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place photo, providing as much feedback as possible. (Judge has 24 hours to make decision)

    5. The 1st place Winner will start a new thread with the topic/theme of their choice, and act as the Judge for that contest. (Winner has 48 hours to create new theme)

    * To see all of our past contests please see the sticky thread http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=580184 *

    Good luck to everyone!
  2. Alexander.Of.Oz, Apr 13, 2014
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    Alexander.Of.Oz macrumors 68030


    Oct 29, 2013
    Adelaide, Australia
    Nuts, lots of them. They are supposed to be holding together a new wicking bed for the garden, but I'd rather take pictures of them, for now. Taken handheld with my iPhone, converted to monochrome in iPhoto.
    002.Nuts.01 on 365 Project by 6plus1blurred
  3. Parkin Pig macrumors 6502a

    Parkin Pig

    Oct 23, 2009

    This may look like a B&W photo, but it was taken against a very wintry sky.

    [​IMG]Pylon by Parkin Pig, on Flickr
  4. Hughmac macrumors demi-god


    Feb 4, 2012
    Kent, UK
    My new four legged friend, as taken, with no post processing ...

    Cheers :)


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  5. uvafan1 macrumors regular


    Feb 2, 2010
    Hampton, Va
  6. Indydenny macrumors 6502


    Jan 5, 2002
    Love Locks

    Locks of Lovers on the Ponte Vechio Bridge

    [​IMG]Locks by DennisKarin, on Flickr
  7. JDDavis macrumors 65816


    Jan 16, 2009
  8. jkramerbob macrumors regular

    Sep 16, 2013
  9. AlexH macrumors 68000


    Mar 7, 2006
    [​IMG]P1000514-18 by ALXPhotog, on Flickr

    Somewhat of a unique perspective for a street photographer.
  10. MacRy macrumors 601


    Apr 2, 2004
  11. buglove macrumors newbie

    Apr 20, 2007
    Nothing like being close to your friends!


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  12. Ish macrumors 68020


    Nov 30, 2004
  13. MCH-1138 macrumors 6502


    Jan 31, 2013
  14. Cheese&Apple thread starter macrumors 68000


    Jun 5, 2012
    Some really great shots this week people. The contest is now closed.

    I'll try to get back tonight but Easter celebrations with a lot of wine may mean I'll be back tomorrow afternoon as we're out tomorrow morning.

    Happy Easter everyone.

    ~ Peter
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    Jun 5, 2012
    We seem to spend a great deal of time thinking about and discussing camera gear, camera settings, lighting, focus, depth of field, subject and image processing software but an often overlooked aspect of photography is the photographer’s perspective. Yet, a carefully chosen perspective can elevate an image from snap shot to good shot or even great shot.

    I’ll use two of my shots as an example of the difference perspective can make.



    Both shots are of a pair of mallard ducks but to me, it’s clear that the first is simply a shot snapped while standing at the edge of a pond and the second was more carefully planned and definitely harder to get with worn knees.

    My point is that, although we don’t always need to change perspective or can change perspective, it’s important to think about it before releasing the shutter.


    Now on with the contest and some great shots submitted this week.

    DirtySocks85: Not sure what happened here buy I’m not seeing an image from flickr. Terrible perspective. :)

    Alexander.Of.Oz: This is a good shot that is technically well captured with great detail and texture but it’s not quite what I had I mind.

    Parkin Pig: This exactly what I had in mind. You’ve created an interesting image by simply changing perspective and shooting straight up. Bonus points for creating an interesting shot of something that is normally the bane of any landscape photographer’s existence. Well Done.

    jodelli: Not a 100% sure but this looks like a shot of a building turned 90 degrees in post. Not really what I had in mind.

    Fezwick: Good job with this shot. The perspective emphasizes the depth of the hole even if it may not have been very deep…it looks it.

    Hughmac: An unusual perspective – yes. However, it’s not one that I would choose for an animal as magnificent as a horse. Looking down on the horse diminishes its size and appearance and somehow, its entire being. Next time, try the reverse with a shot on an upward angle but not too steep that you don’t see his eyes.

    Uvafan1: Good idea to frame the sky with an upward angle through windows. I do fine the chandelier a busy distraction and I would have tried to capture more, or all, of the window.

    Indydenny: I like this shot…well done. Looking along the line and using depth of field is a nice perspective. The easy shot would have been straight on and much less interesting.

    JDDavis: “Don’t look down, you’ll get dizzy at fall”. I actually feel a bit of vertigo looking at this shot. I hope you were tied off when you took this. Well captured and well done JDDavis. Fits the theme perfectly.

    jkramerbob: Another example of the good use of an upward angle shot. I don’t know if you were laying on your back but it feels like. I think I would try to centre the blue sky a bit more.

    Dhelsdon: Like jkramerbob, good use of an upward angle shot. Tall trees are hard to capture and this works. I do feel the lighting in this shot was working against you though.

    themumu: Beautiful shot that fits the theme with a really nice use of upward angle. Unlike Dhelsdon, you had lighting and colour working for you. Well seen and well done.

    AlexH: Your usual creative style shows nicely in this shot Alex and the shot fits the theme perfectly. The downward angle that hides the guitar player’s eyes adds a bit of mystery to the shot: “Who is this guy and what song is he playing?” A very cool shot…well done.

    acearchie: A very interesting shot that works well with great colour and texture. Did you have this composition in mind when you took the shot? I’m not sure if it fits the theme I had in mind though. I really didn’t think of changing perspective in post but well done.

    I actually thought your shot of the lady in the pool that you posted for the previous contest was spot-on for this theme.

    AFB: Interesting close-up view of the building. I’m not sure but am wondering if this is a water reflection? Like a couple others…not exactly what I had in mind.

    MacRy: Again, a really nice use of the upward angle to emphasize height that fits the theme. Great colours and composition as well. Good job MacRy.

    buglove: This is a perspective you don’t often see. I’m assuming you took this while in the air yourself. The shot does appear quite soft though and it would benefit from a tighter crop.

    Ish: This is really nice and fit the theme well. The upward angle clearly emphasizes the height and majesty of (Big Ben?). The iron fence in the foregoing is a nice touch as well. My only nit here is that it would have been perfect if the branch wasn’t encroaching on the clock face.

    charpi: I’m really not sure what to think. The straight on angle is good but the eye looks a little dead to me. ;)

    MCH-1138: Awesome shot with all the right parts in clear focus. This is a nice example of not looking down on a bird and reducing the feeling of flight and not looking up into its butt. Well done.

    needfx: I’m not surprised that you took the theme of “Unusual Perspective” and captured an image that truly went beyond what most people would even think of. This is a very cool shot needfx and I’m having trouble even thinking of the logistics behind its creation. Sometime it’s easy to nit pick at great work because the tinyest thing stand out. So I was to nit, it would be that I wish the entire shoe was in the shot while still keeping the building in view that adds so much to the perspective. Well done.

    OK…on to the very hard part that could have gone so many different ways:

    Third place goes to: JDDavis
    Second place goes to: needfx

    The first place winner is: AlexH

    Over to you Alex…
  16. Ish macrumors 68020


    Nov 30, 2004
    Thanks Peter for all the comments, they really add to the enjoyment of the competition. Well done AlexH and everyone! :)

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