Weekly Photo Contest, Dec12 - Dec 19: Alone


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Apr 14, 2005
I was pleasant surprised by the number of entries this week. This time of the year everybody is busy at work to finish things and busy at home doing holiday preparations.
It is nice to see how you interpreted the theme.

As always, this is the humble opinion of an amateur. Feel free to ignore my comments...

@akash.nu Nice interpretation of the theme. The lower right corner disturbs me and could do with a crop.

@kenoh Oh yes! Going on a solo hike. In the scottish mountains I assume. The dark mood is fitting for the image and theme. Love it.

@needfx Alone. Perfect. I was hoping that somebody would do this interpretation. You're getting us both in trouble ( see below )

@someoldguy Somehow the person sticks out in this massive landscape. Death valley?

@Strider64 Gardening is a solo task. Nicely portrayed.

@globalist I like the composition of the branches leading me to the statue.

@Janichsan We've all been there. Taking photos early in the morning. Alone. Cold. But the light is always rewarding.

@mollyc A perfect composition in my opinion. Person walking alone the shore line. Leading line to the pier and moon. Love it.

@deep diver An anonymous pedestrian tunnel. At night. Very fitting for the theme. I guess she felt alone.

@Hughmac This image puzzles me. Is this what pensionados do when they are alone? Or just you Hugh? Secret drinks and snacks. The light on the bowl is a bit harsh.

@redshifted Hehehe. A forgotten snowman. In need for some love (and air). Nice and colorful image.

@Indydenny Love the perspective. Had to take a second look to find the sheep. I wonder if there wasn't more to get from this scene. You're given a lovely leading line from the shepherd but it leads to nothing.

The podium

3rd Someoldguy and janichsan
2nd Mollyc and Kenoh
1st I threathened to do this, but with this image you're asking for it! Needfx. A great image.


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Aug 2, 2009
Thanks for the judging commentary , and the third !Almost as good as a second ( but without having to worry about judging in the event the first place person flees to a remote monastery in the Peruvian Andes ). Yup , Death Valley .I was heading over to the parking area that grants access to the dunes when I saw this guy . Had to take the pic .