Weird ADSL Problem, Please Help

Discussion in 'macOS' started by aminadab, Jul 29, 2006.

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    Ok, so this is part two of an earlier post. I'm living in Morocco and have signed up for ADSL. We have it now but there's an odd connection problem. I'm getting an IP address subnet, etc. and it says I'm connected to the internet but when I go to open Safari, it just stalls on the address. Unlike other times, it doesn't take me to the "you aren't connected to the internet" page, it just sits there with with a gray highlight over the address. I've run a diagnostic and it says that I'm connected to the internet but that it can't find the server. Any ideas? I've been on the phone with the provider and I've had no luck. They're not very MAC versitle and I want to try to get as much info on my end to ask the right questions. I've asked for a specific DNS server address, but the one they gave me had no effect. Other things: we replaced the USB modem with an ethernet one because we wanted to be able to run our airport express. I was assured that the modem works with the provider, the only one in the country. Thanks for any help!
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    Mar 4, 2006
    Firstly go into the Network panel of your System Preferences, select your Airport interface's TCP/IP page and ensure that IPv6 is turned off. Does this make a difference?

    If not, to rule out the DNS possibility once and for all, go to your utilities folder and open the Network Utility. Go to the Ping page and type in the name of the site you wish to visit. Does it resolve to a number? And do you get the replies (lines beginning 64 bytes)?

    Even if this works, the problem could be down to an MTU size issue. This is the size of data packet that network devices (including your Mac) break up their requests into. As ping packets (and DHCPREQUEST packets) are tiny, a successful ping but non-successful web browse can indicate this is the problem. Different ISPs across the world have different maximum MTU limits. If your router's MTU size is set to larger than the one your ISP can route, you will get a lot of lost packets and your connection will appear to hang. Check with your ISP to make sure that the setting on your router's WAN port is lower or the same as the size they can cope with.

    Hope this helps :)

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