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Oct 30, 2009
I’ve been having a problem on the facebook messenger app for iPad for a long while now, patiently waiting for each update and hoping it’ll get resolved, but it never does.

When someone sends some sort of media in a chat and I click on it to view it, the app switches to an older video file, picture or gif that was sent before and it’s impossible to view the one I’m actually clicking on. However, once aditional files have been sent and the picture for example becomes one of the older ones it is possible to view it, the bug seems to be with the file that was most recently sent in the chat. It never happens on the iPhone-messenger app or the Mac OS one, just the one for iPad. I’ve tried force quitting the app, deleting it and reinstalling, nothing works.
I’ve tried googling for a solution but it’s such a precise problem that I’ve never found a thread on it anywhere.

Has anyone else come across this bug and found someway to resolve it?

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