Weird Graphics Issue


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May 20, 2009
Daytona Beach, FL
My MBA has started a new graphical glitch when something fades out. For example, when the application switcher fades out the colors invert leaving a weird negative impression.

Here's what I'm trying to describe. As soon as I let go of command+tab, the icons switch from their correct colors to this weird negative as they fade out. Any ideas?



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Jun 30, 2005
May be something wrong with the graphics card. Have you tried to back up and reinstall?

If you have and the issue persist, you might have a broken graphics card and should bring it to the Apple Store.


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Jul 12, 2002
Fargo, ND
Same issue with late '08 MBP, ram methinks

I have had the same issue for a while with my late 2008 unibody MBP (first gen unibody). I am 90% sure it is related to installing two third party 4gig ram sticks. Technically, only 6 gigs is supported but everything seems to run fine EXCEPT for the weird application switcher graphics issue.


Restart MBP with no monitors plugged in = No problem
Restart MBP with monitor plugged in = No problem
Restart MBP with no monitors plugged in, then plug one in = problem
Restart MBP with monitor plugged in, then switch to another monitor = problem

I generally just put up with it now, but thought I would share my experiences for what it is worth.
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