Weird grey screen - is my iPad dead?

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  1. luckycharms, Jan 6, 2015
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    Hi Folks,

    Out of nowhere, the display of my iPad 2nd gen just died and displayed a weird grey screen with part of it moving.

    Is it dead? iTunes recognizes there's an iPad connected, but says that it cannot be identified properly.

    thanks in advance.


    I smacked the back of the iPad a bit, and the screen wobbled around, and then it came to again. Is this a loose connector of some sort? Is this something I can resolve myself? I'm pretty handy with these kinds of things. Or, should I bring it to a technician? I don't see any screws on the ipad like i do on the iphone - maybe not so user servicable?
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    Sounds like there is a real hardware problem. You'd be best served to have apple look at it. They might give you a deal on a replacement or whatever.

    The fact that smacking the back of it "helped" isn't a good sign.

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