Weird grid marks on MBP (glossy) bezel

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by somerley, May 9, 2011.

  1. somerley, May 9, 2011
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    Apr 13, 2011
    This is a new MacBook Pro. I noticed that all along the black bezel there's this pattern of vertical and horizontal lines - it looks like it's residue from some kind of glue or some kind of streaking? It's a grid pattern of about half centrimetre squares. It's definitely there because when I tried to clean it off with water, the water formed into a grid pattern as well. It actually becomes more obvious if I wipe it with a cloth.

    I'm not overly concerned because it doesn't seem to be affecting the functioning of the MacBook Pro (as of yet??) but it's very strange as I have no idea what it is or where it came from. Has anyone else found anything similar? Is it just a part of every screen or it is this MBP in particular?
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    The black bezel? That sounds weird. I got a couple of bad stories and a suggestion.

    A few years ago I bought a Vaio Muramasa. Named after a famous swordsman, it was super thin (at the time). It also crushed the keys against the display and left horrible marks. I returned it the next day.

    I had a bad experience with a Toshiba a few years ago. Apparently, Toshiba thought it would be a good idea to funnel heat out through the keyboard. Closing the lid trapped the heat inside and it literally melted the display into the keyboard pattern. I was furious, got it replaced, and it started happening again with the new one, thereby confirming the design defect.

    The Toshibas and Vaios are long gone, but they taught me a lesson! I never close the keyboard without something over the keys. Now I am using the thin foam piece that came with the computer, but with previous computers, I have used thin microweave cloths. Clean your screen, give this a try, and I bet the lines go away. As an added benefit, the screen remains sparkling clean for a lot longer.

    Still, I don't know how lines appeared on the bezel!
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    I'm a little reluctant to return it since this is actually my third MBP! The first was completely DOA (wouldn't start up), the second I returned for hard drive noise - which it actually turns it is just the standard for these MBPs as this one also has the noise. I'm just a bit weary of the whole process at the moment, and I'll probably just stick with this one unless any actual issues crop up within 14 days. I've also discovered some tiny tiny tiny marks/chips in the aluminium body - they're seriously less than say 3 - 5 mm and mostly look just like pieces of dust. Once again, they don't really bother me (and tbh, I just notice them because I have my eyes up close to the surface checking it out) but just wondering if it's normal for every MBP to have these little imperfections.

    The marks don't come off with water (which is why I think it's some kind of glue/oil residue) - they actually become more visible if you try to wipe it (how I first noticed it). It's not very visible (at all) if the screen is dry.
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    Judging from the description, this 'grid' is nothing like the pattern of the keyboard and is simply a square grid. Sounds to me like some sort of residue or imprint left over from the manufacturing process (a defect of some kind). Can you post any photos of the grid? I'd like to see how visible it is.

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