Weird iPod problem...

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by JeDiBoYTJ, Jan 10, 2005.

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    ok, I have a 3G 30GB iPod that I have had for just under a year (10-11 months). Anyway, lately it has been having problems booting up when the whole unit turns off. I hit a key and it turns on, I hear the hard drive start clicking in, and I see the Apple Logo load. then the hard drive stops clicking, and its stuck on the apple logo, and it takes 2-3 resets before it finally loads. well today I reseted it a good 10-15 times and it wouldnt load. so I booted into diagnostics mode and ran a HDD test... which returned as PASS. so I ran a bunch of other random tests, then reset it. still didnt boot. I plugged it into the powerbook, and after 3 resets I hear the chrip, and its booted and mounted.

    Any ideas as to why its doing this? is there anything I should do? should I completely reformat the iPod? should I run an external diagnostics program on it? (norton, diskwarrior...etc)? Its out of warrenty, so I can't return it.

    PS. when it boots, it works perfectly fine.
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    tell apple about this. goto an apple store if possible. try to replicate this while talking with a genius.

    the genius will give you a new ipod. might as well get a new, non scratched, new batteried ipod while you still can.

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