Weird issue with an iCloud account

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    Oct 7, 2015
    Hello guys,

    Am writing this email on the behalf of my cousin who bought a brand new iphone some time ago (A year or so). Since she was not good with "technology", a guy set up the iCloud account for her and used an email ( that he created the same day for her and gave her the email and password written on a paper that she eventually lost, however the Icloud account seems to not be confirmed, since all he did was signing up. However, the thing is when we try to confirm the iCloud account and try to sign in on the outlook email, outlook says that it doesn’t recognize the e-mail at all! (In other words; the iCloud account is linked to an non existing email weird)
    Fortunately we can access the apple store and everything else because I set up an apple ID later using a different e-mail. She has been using her Iphone just fine for the past year without being connected to the iCloud, but having decided to sell it now, the buyer requires the iCloud ID. Is there a way we could access the ICloud and reinitialize everything Or have the iCloud linked to the Apple ID ?(seems that only the findmyphone otpion depends on the iCloud account )

    Thank you for any help you may provide !
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    My guess is that because your cousin never actually logged into the Outlook account and confirmed the setup Microsoft's system eventually deleted it.

    You say you can still access the Apple store under a different Apple ID. Two options I can see here.

    1. Go to and try and register that email. If that is a success then you can use that Apple ID with that email.
    2. Log out of all Apple accounts on the phone using the outlook email and then log back in using the Apple ID you are currently using.

    Your difficulty may lie in trying to sign out of Find My iPhone with the address. It might not let you.

    In that case, I would suggest trying number 1 just so you can log out of Find My iPhone and then moving on to number two.

    P.S. If you log out of Find My iPhone, iCloud, the App store, etc, everything that is Apple related and then restore the phone as new the new owner won't have to enter an Apple ID. This security feature is what happens if a phone is restored as new while Find My iPhone is on. It's why Apple has you log out of Find My iPhone before giving you a replacement.
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    Oct 7, 2015
    Hey again,

    You are amzing ! thank you thank you so much !! very clear and smart instructions right there ! The first step worked and was enough, I re-created the email and used it to retrieve the iCloud password then I changed everything and set the same Apple Id for iCloud and the rest, the phone is again just like it was the first day ! aghhh we were losing hope but you brought it back, thank you millions and for ever really :)

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